Why Choose Woolgro?

Eco-friendly grass seed mats that produce lush green lawn grass

Nutrient rich mat with grass seed

Even coverage and strong growth

100% sustainable & biodegradable

Nationwide delivery available

Natural wool mat combined with the best grass seed for the perfect lawn

If you are need a new lawn and want a natural alternative to ready lawn that will produce great looking and hardy green grass, Woolgro grass seed mat is the perfect choice. Woolgro lawn mats combine the natural nutrients found in unscoured dag wool with the moisture retention properties of natural recycled jute and paper fibres and the best grass seed for your location. Unscoured dag wool typically contains a handy range of natural nutrients well balanced to feed grass and the natural nutrients slowly release into the soil resulting in thick healthy green grass with strong deep roots. The recycled fibres holds approximately 60% of their own weight as water and this dramatically improves seed germination and reduces the amount of irrigation required. Each Woolgro lawn mat is carefully made here in New Zealand and sown with the best grass seed to give you lush green grass. Our team can carry out professional lawn installation on the North Shore and West Auckland, as well as Central and South Auckland and the Western Bay of Plenty or you can order Woolgro lawn mats online for DIY lawn installation New Zealand wide. If you’re in our full lawn installation areas, we an also give you a quote for a pop up irrigation system. Contact us to organise a free quote or to order your new lawn today.

Choose the best grass seed variety to suit your location

Woolgro grass seed mats come ready sown with grass seed suitable for your location. Choose from three varieties of grass depending on your requirements. Premium Fine – A blend of Rye, creeping & fine Fescue. A fine bladed general use lawn, quick to establish and with tolerance to close mowing. The best variety for shady conditions. Suits most climates. Premium Hardy – (South Island Blend) is a blend of 70% winter active Rye, 30% creeping & fine Fescue grass. Tall Fescue – A drought, heat and wear tolerant species due to the large deep root system. Medium bladed with a medium to dark green colour. Tolerates some shade. Cut no lower than 40mm. Kikuyu Blend – Kikuyu blended with fine Fescue to give quick establishment as the Kikuyu spreads. Good for coastal sites on sandy soils. If you are unsure which grass seed would suit your new lawn best, talk to the experts at Woolgro for advice.

Why choose Woolgro grass seed mat?

With so many options for growing grass in New Zealand, it can be hard to choose the best solution for your new lawn, but Woolgro lawn mat is head and shoulders above the rest. A natural solution, Woolgro makes lawn installation easy – and with our full installation service, it is even easier.

Choose Woolgro grass seed mat for:

  • Easy installation – Woolgro is quick and easy to lay and can be done yourself if you wish. Simply cut the Woolgro mat to fit the size and shape of your lawn area.
  • Even coverage – Woolgro lawn mats come with the seed already ingrained taking the guess work out of seed amounts and making sure you are distributing the seed evenly.
  • Less seed loss – Our grass seed mats have the seeds locked into the mat meaning you won’t lose seeds to water run off, wind or birds.
  • Suppressing weeds – Woolgro mats act as a weed suppressant just like conventional weed mat and weeds struggle to grow through your new lawn.
  • Long lasting nutrients – The wool dag in our grass seed mats offers a perfect blend of nutrients to encourage strong grass growth.
  • A natural biodegradable lawn option – Woolgro mats are made from natural fibre that naturally breaks down over time and is absorbed into the soil.
  • Year round laying – Woolgro mats can be laid and successfully grown any time during the year in most areas as the wool insulates the germinating seed from the cold earth in winter months.
  • A New Zealand made product – Woolgro lawn mats are made right here in New Zealand using high-quality products and advanced techniques.
A Woolgro grass seed mat is the eco-friendly alternative answer to instant lawn to gain the best, greenest lawn in the street. It’s a complete package with seed, weed suppressant, moisture retention capability and natural fertiliser all in one – just roll out, cover with soil, water and watch it grow. If you are looking for a sustainable natural option for your new lawn, that adds value to your property, look no further than Woolgro lawn mat.

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